The Rocks and Hills of Abuja


The very character of Abuja has been shaped by the two renowned rock formations around it. These are the Zuma Rock and the Aso Rock. The former is referred to as the ‘Gateway to Abuja' and the Federal Capital Territory begins at its base, where the state of Niger ends. It is also reported to be the exact geographical center of Nigeria. The Aso Rock is located at the head of Abuja and the city extends southwards from the rock


Zuma Rock


The imposing Zuma Rock, located a little off the main road that goes from Abuja to Kaduna, is definitely worth a visit. Several facilities and amenities to attract tourists are gradually coming up in the vicinity. It is close enough to Abuja to be covered in a day trip. Or it can be visited while traveling north.

Aso Rock

This is the largest rock formation in close proximity to Abuja City. The main axis of the Central District, it rises to nearly 400 meters above sea level and towers majestically in the background of the Three Arms Zone – so named because it is home to the Presidential Complex, the National Assembly, and the Supreme Court.

The term ‘Aso' means victory in the local language, and the local people are called “Asokoro” or the people of victory. The original village of Asokoro was first located at the base of the rock and had existed there for centuries. But the development of the new city resulted in the villagers being resettled initially in Suleja and subsequently in Kubwa District. The area of the village is now part of Asokaro district.


Minister's Hill

This range of hills is strategically located just beyond the outskirts of Maitama District, and the panoramic view from the top covers the whole Maitama Fistrict.

The Dutse range is a little further away, slightly off the Bwari road and just off Keffi-Suleja expressway. This area is a sanctuary for several forms of wild life, the most notable among them being the baboons.

Another interesting attraction is the Abuja Plant Nursery at the foot of Aso Rock. This botanical garden has an amazing collection of species of flowers, fruits, trees and many other plants.

National Arboretum

This consists of a restricted fenced in area of one hundred hectares of land, where visitors need special passes to enter. The purpose of the Arboretum, which is located in the Three Arms Zone, is to maintain the forest and other plant life within it in their original natural condition.


Major Tourist Attractions:

(a) Aso Rock
(b) Zuma Rock
(c) Strabag Hills
(d) Usuma Dam
(e) Usuma River
(f) Jabi River
(g) Gurara River
(h) Gurara Falls
(i) Abuja Love Garden
(j) Abuja Amusement Park
(k) Abuja Zoological Park
(l) IBB Golf Centre
(m) National Ecumenical Centre
(n) National Mosque
(o) Ecowas Secretariat
(p) National Women Development Centre
(q) Ushafa Pottery Centre
(r) Ladi Kwali Pottery Centre
(s) Giri Pottery Centre
(t) Millennium park













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